Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise therapy that allows people with a variety of conditions to exercise in a safe and comfortable environment.  It is conducted in a specifically designed swimming pool.


Whilst being less strenuous, it focuses on guided, controlled, pain–free movements with the ultimate aim of providing pain relief. The design of the pool enables the user to exercise in a safe environment at different depths and with all the equipment needed.

What makes a hydrotherapy pool different to my swimming pool?

The water is kept at between 31-34 degrees, allowing the body to benefit from the ambient heat.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy over other forms of exercise?

Minimises Aches and Pains

The warmth of the water relaxes muscular spasm which is commonly found in people with pain. It also increases circulation in the area of discomfort which ultimately helps in accelerating the healing process.

Gains Strength

Hydrotherapy can help strengthen weak muscles. Different exercises can be undertaken in water and the type of exercise prescribed will vary according to the condition or injury being treated. The resistance provided by the water itself helps to strengthen weak muscles.

Increases flexibility

The increased temperature of the water helps in relaxing tight muscles which can increase the range of movement of any particular joint. This will help you feel more flexible.

Minimal Impact on Joints

A hydrotherapy pool provides the opportunity to exercise without your bones and muscles being shackled by gravity’s constraints. Therefore, hydrotherapy conveniently provides a great alternative to exercise where constant ground impact is too painful or not indicated.

Who is it good for?

Hydrotherapy benefit people with osteoarthritis, general aches and pains, sporting injuries, surgical recovery, and many other conditions. Furthermore, it is a great option for people who find normal land-based training too strenuous. This can be due to increased body weight, weakness in muscles or due to chronic pain.

What if I’m not a strong swimmer?

Hydrotherapy is different from swimming. Most exercises are done with feet touching the floor or with the assistance of floatation devices. Being a strong swimmer is not a pre-requisite and should not deter you from trying hydrotherapy.

I’m really not bikini ready…

That is fine! Our hydrotherapy pool is for exercise. We encourage people to wear anything that they feel comfortable in as long as they don’t mind getting wet.  Many of our clients wear t-shirts and shorts in the pool. As long as you can move freely in what you’re wearing, then that is fine.


Written By: Phoebe Kipen

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