Tendinopathy_2Not all load is equal, weight is only one component of load. Tendons love load, but only the right type at the right intensity with the right weight for that tendons current tolerance.

Aggrevating load

“Speed Kills” The faster the movement the more likely it is to produce pain in a pathological tendon. Compressive load, tendons do not like getting compressed. Complete rest, de-loads the tendon and reduces its tolerance to load

Healthy load

Slow or isometric (static holds) are more likely to give pain relief. Tensile loads, tendon loves actively getting pulled on by the muscles.


The art in treating tendinopathy is working out how far down the load scale you need to take someone. If you developed focal tendon pain a week ago after high repetition work out, then it maybe a simple case of stopping explosive exercise on that body part for a week and getting a massage or flossing the surrounding area. However if you have had pain for months, have tried resting, still getting pain and probably getting worse you have months of rehabilitation ahead of you. The good news is it all involves exercise. You may need to stop explosive exercise and only do movements through half depth with pause, moving to full range with pause, then full range with your standard pace and only then think about fast explosive movements. This process may take 2-3 months.

You can have as much treatment with medication, injections, ice, heat, manipulation and massage as you like but you will only get back to functioning pain free if you adjust the type/intensity/ weight of the loads.

As you can see the earlier this is diagnosed and treatment is started, the easier and faster it is to return to training pain free.


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