Summer is here! While we take a break and enjoy the holidays away from work, school and the normality of life, the one thing we still need to focus on is our health. Being organised is the best way to still achieve your results this summer.

women relax biking on summer road

Our top tips for staying active this summer include:

Exercising early – Start your day off right and get your exercise in early while the sun is still low and the temperatures are not too high (between 5am and 8am). The hottest part of the day is never the best time to exercise as you’re more likely to lose fluids faster, fatigue more easily and get burnt. Alternatively, the end of the day between 6-8pm can also be a cooler time to exercise if you’re a night walker.

Keep the fluids up – Summer heat equals more sweating which means we lose a greater volume of water during exercise. Staying hydrated helps your heart pump blood more easily to your working muscles and also improves muscle efficiency. Do not wait until you are thirty before you re-hydrate, get into the habit of taking a water bottle with you everywhere. Remember to hydrate well before, during and after exercise to help prevent dehydration and help your performance.

Exercise with friends – A summer best spent is with friends. Combine spending time with your friends and exercise to help each other push through the sweat and heat barrier. Use some of the ideas above and organise an early walk, run, swim, surf or gym session.

Get wet daily – Take every opportunity this summer to exercise in the water. Fun activities include swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, kite surfing, canoeing, surfing and snorkeling.

Deal with those injuries, niggles and pains – There is nothing worse than not being able to do what you love because of pain or an injury. Start your summer right and seek help from your Physiotherapist so you can enjoy a pain free summer.