Amanda Ventura, Physiotherapist, at Elsternwick Physiotherapy Centre offers her top tips for post season recovery.

The off-season is here and it’s a great time to take a break and let the body recover.

As physio’s, we often see lots of injuries at the tail end of the season as tired and heavily loaded bodies limp towards finals. However we also see a lot of injures carry through pre-season training which don’t need to be ongoing.

So, how can you avoid this?

Here are three top tips for a good post-season recovery:

1. Maintain a consistent training load

Keep up your regular gym routine. Tendons like being loaded. It’s what they do.  Tendon problems arise when a sudden increase in load is applied which the tendon isn’t accustomed to i.e. starting preseason when you’ve dramatically decreased your load in the offseason.  Maintain your fitness and preseason will be easier on your body. The most sport specific training is playing the sport itself, so a casual social league games with your friends is ideal.

2. Mobility, Mobility, Mobility

All those times you felt tight or stiff during the season- now is the time to work on that. Use your foam roller, stretch or try that Pilates class you were always looking at.  Good muscle length will prevent muscle tears and good joint mobility will prevent sprains.  Having both will assist you in achieving good biomechanics. For example – good ankle and calf mobility can reduce the risk of ACL injuries; good thoracic spine mobility can reduce shoulder and lower back injuries.

3. Get it sorted

A small niggle can turn into a big one if you don’t get it seen to. If you’ve been nursing an injury during the season, the off season is the ideal time to get a proper diagnosis from your physio and do your rehab. Some injuries will appear to go away with rest but then return again as soon as you introduce load again. It’s important that you don’t carry that through to the next season. Imagine missing finals because of something you could’ve dealt with during preseason or before!

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