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What is a Clinical Exercise?
Clinical exercise is a specifically tailored program that is directly prescribed and monitored by a Physiotherapist. It is a form of treatment that allows patients to exercise in a controlled and supervised environment that is safe for the individual. This allows patients with a plethora of injuries and conditions to improve. Whether it be for rehabilitating an acute injury like an ACL rupture to managing chronic low back pain, exercise has been proven to be the most effective tool we can prescribe.

How does Peninsula Sports Medicine Group do this?
While we have multiple patients participating in these sessions at one time, each patient is given individual exercises programs. These exercises are not solely Pilates-based, and while we do utilize Pilates equipment, each exercise is given in a specific dosage for the individual. Each session is a specific treatment for the individual which we monitor with patient specific outcomes. For some patients, pain is what limits them, for other functional tasks are challenging. Our clinical exercise programs work towards improving patient specific outcomes and achieving patient’s goals of care.

What is the Government perspective?

The Department considers that an insurer may lawfully pay benefits if a physiotherapist, providing services to a patient within the accepted scope of clinical practice, uses exercises or techniques drawn from Pilates as part of that patient’s treatment as long as the exercises or techniques are within the accepted scope of clinical practice.
However, if a physiotherapist (or any other health professional) conducts a Pilates session – either advertised or promoted as such, or a session where the only service provided is Pilates exercises – then benefits cannot lawfully be paid.

How will it affect PSM patients?
It won’t! We have and always will run clinical exercise because it is an evidence based form of treatment. PSM patients will still receive the rebate as before, on any private health insurance as our sessions have always complied with treatment.

While we have run Pilates programs before, they were never considered an individualized treatment program and as such were billed differently.

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