Dance physiotherapist


Alanna became part of the team at Peninsula Sports Medicine Group at the Langwarrin Sports Medicine Centre in 2017.

She graduated from Monash University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours).

Alanna has a strong interest in sports-specific rehabilitation and injury prevention with an emphasis on exercise and Clinical Pilates based management. She has worked with gymnasts, dancers, swimmers, skiers/snowboarders and cyclists- developing understanding for the specific treatments and goals of the individual.

In particular, Alanna is passionate about working with dancers since developing a special interest in patients with increased joint mobility and hyper-mobility syndrome.

Alanna’s skills in the diagnosis and management of these particular patients see a clear correlation with the dancing population for whom when well-controlled this increased mobility can be an asset. Over the last four years, she’s honed her skills working with performers in the assessment of movement dysfunction, risk factors and role in preventing injury, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of injury as it pertains the specific requirements and skills of dance. She’s had the pleasure of seeing the passion and dedication that dancers have for their art form and the drive that each student has to return to their discipline as soon as possible after an injury.

Recently Langwarrin Sports Medicine Centre has invested in the acquisition of some more dance-specific rehabilitation and assessment equipment that has allowed Alanna to offer Pre-Pointe Assessments alongside Dance and Pointe-specific conditioning and rehabilitation. She has a passion for educating her patients about their bodies and how to get the best results to benefit them both now during their dancing career and to preserve their joints to reduce the risk of injury following retirement from dance.


Alanna Churcher

Ba. Physiotherapy (Hons.)

Peninsula Sports Medicine Group

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