The words “get fit” are often thrown around as arbitrary advice but what does it actually include? Most will engage in a wide range of different activities to achieve their desired level of “fitness” including running, pilates, yoga, walking or simply dietary change. What is often underrated is the use of strength and resistance training to achieve your fitness goals.

Previous research has shown that strength and resistance training is one of the most effective means to achieve functional gains with far reaching physical and psychological benefits. Pain and its presentation in the musculoskeletal realm – often has associated weakness as a component. Whether it is poor abdominal strength contributing to lower back pain, poor quadriceps strength leading to patellofemoral pain or weak mid back recruitment, strength and resistance training can reduce weakness and painful presentation.

Front raise exercise. Studio shot over white.

The health benefits of strength and resistance training include:

Reduced risk of diabetes
Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
Reduced risk of breast cancer
Reduced risk of osteoporosis by building bone mass and improving bone mineral density
Reduced arthritic impact on mobility/function
Improved functional strength
Increased flexibility through muscles working through full range of motion
Improved metabolism and basal metabolic rates – burning more calories at rest
Improved muscle tone – readiness to contract and quality of contraction
Improved posture, balance, stability, joint integrity
Improved ability to deal with stress

Requiring a lot of individual one on one coaching, we aim to ensure proper correct technique is used. Once this is mastered, the possibilities are wide open as to what you can achieve.

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