SPOTLIGHT ON: Cassandra Skilton – Physiotherapist / Pilates Instructor

In our latest ‘SPOTLIGHT ON’ series, we sat down with Cassie Skilton, Physiotherapist at our Langwarrin clinic. In our chat, Cassie talked about why she believes age is just a number and anyone can achieve their goals if they put their mind to it.


When I was ten years old, I tore my hamstring badly. The rehabilitation was a lengthy process and everything my physio said would happen, did! I thought that was pretty amazing and it inspired me to acquire that knowledge for myself and help others.


I like the social aspect of sport. Exercise should be fun! Community sport achieves this, meaning that more people get involved and stay active.

What is your philosophy around injury management?

Age is just a number. Everyone should be able to work towards their goal no matter what it is, no matter their age. If you put in the effort you’ll get there.

What is your proudest sporting moment as a player?

My first ever goal in football. I didn’t even realise it had gone through at first, I’d kicked it that far!

What is your worst injury and how did you overcome it?

I re-tore my quadricep central tendon at the end of last year. Managing day-to-day was fine but whenever I did something more intensive, it would feel great at the time but would pull up much worse afterwards. Recovery was really hard as I had to pull myself out of all sport completely and rehabilitate really slowly to prevent re-injuring it. Made it back just in time for Beach Handball Nationals in Adelaide!

Who is your sporting hero and what do you admire most about them?

Dustin Martin, I’m jealous because I can’t do a ‘ don’t argue ‘ quite as well as him.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation, no more long haul flights.

To make an appointment with Cassie you can BOOK ONLINE or call Langwarrin Sports Medicine Centre on 9789 1233.