In our latest ‘SPOTLIGHT ON’ series, meet Cara Bryant, Pilates Instructor at Peninsula Pilates Studio – Langwarrin. Cara shared with us her passion for Joseph Pilates’ teachings (the inventor of Pilates) and sharing this with our community. 


My inspiration drew from the functional “cause and effect ” of the practice. Anatomical stacking and alignment, mobility and functionality of the spine and it’s supporting slings. It also inspires me to be a part of Joseph Pilates’ legacy (Joseph Pilates was the founder of the Pilates method of physical fitness).

What does being part of community wellbeing mean to you?

Being a part of community well being is everything to me. To enrich the community with positive outcomes, inclusion and sociability. I’m a firm believer that fitness is not just a physical thing. Treating everyone the same and contributing to mental health in this way gives people the confidence and tools to be functionally active – “cause and effect”.

What is your philosophy around Pilates and Pilates for Blokes?

The fundamental knowledge of Pilates for me, in every class, is to acknowledge where it came from! To always say if I’m using Joseph’s prescription or my own! To always make yourself curious, to never think that you know everything because you have done it for so long.

The Pilates for Blokes program is a personal career highlight for me. There seems to be such a focus on constant support in women’s health, men tend to feel like their options are limited in community. To be honest, they have such a strong physical need to move and bend the spine, to develop the core and surrounding slings ~ to feel amazing!

What is your proudest sporting moment as a player?

My proudest sporting moment is hard to define to one particular experience/outcome. However, being an elite trampoline competitor was a thrilling time when growing up.

What is your worst injury and how did you overcome it?

My worst injury??? Well going back to “cause and effect”, movement definitely takes wear and tear to new levels.

I’m currently working with post surgery on my left knee – its the third operation on this knee. I think it’s harder emotionally as you get older. Managing a family of 5, whilst having a strong focus on my rehabilitation – always pushing new boundaries. Progression is not a compromise.

To be honest, I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the remarkable staff as Peninsula Sports Medicine Group! The support, help and compassion is a real tear jerker of gratitude for me. Lachlan, Clinton, Cameron, Jon, Andy – Dr Tim March, I feel like an Olympic athlete with the level of care I receive from them.

Who is your sporting hero and what do you admire most about them? 

1) Lisa Newman-Morris (International Trampoline Gymnast) – she was my coach and world champion at the time.
2) Nadia Comăneci (Olympic gold medalist and the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.0)
3) Usain Bolt (Eight-time Olympic gold medalist Sprinter)
4) Nic Naitanui (Australian rules footballer who plays for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League)

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

I’d love to gift the world with love, food, shelter and equality.

Cara teaches Mat Classes and Pilates for Blokes at Peninsula Pilates Studios – Langwarrin. Check out the Pilates timetable here or call 9789 1233 or book in.