Picture of Lachlan Hough

In our latest ‘SPOTLIGHT ON’ series, meet Lachlan Hough, Physiotherapist at our Rosebud clinic. Our chat revealed a surprising use of Lachlan’s superpower!

What inspired you to become a Physiotherapist?

Becoming a physio wasn’t so much a light bulb moment for me, more of a slow burn over time. I was very keen on science subjects at school, particularly physics, and I’ve always enjoyed playing and watching sport. Combine the two and I think you come out somewhere around biomechanics and physiotherapy!

What does being part of community sport mean to you?

Knowing how much enjoyment I get out of sport, particularly tennis, I find it really rewarding keeping everyday sportspeople in the game. Sport has so many health benefits, from physical fitness to mental health, as well as providing a platform for getting out and socialising.

What is your philosophy around injury management?

Understanding pain and injury is the key to recovery. Education can greatly reduce the fear around pain, help people to recover faster and feel more confident in their rehabilitation.

What is your proudest sporting moment as a player?

Its being out there that counts, right?

What is your worst injury and how did you overcome it?

Early in my physio degree, I developed a patella tendinopathy in my knee after thinking I could drastically increase my running distance. Hopefully now I know better! It took patience and hard work with strengthening to get better over 12 months.

Who is your sporting hero and what do you admire most about them?

Roger Federer is the one that stands out for me. His effortless movement is probably the most impressive thing. And he never seems out of breath.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation would be pretty special. To be able to go overseas for lunch would be hard to beat!