In our latest ‘SPOTLIGHT ON’ series, meet Daniel Browne, Physiotherapist at our Edithvale and Langwarrin clinic’s and current Physiotherapist for the Edi-Asp Football Netball Club. In our chat, Daniel shares how a bad personal injury changed his life and inspired him to be become a Physiotherapist.


It combined my interests of human physiology, movement and education. Initially the inspiration stemmed from an interest in getting the most out of my own body athletically, however now equally it is very much about how I can improve the health and function of those around me.

What does being part of community sport mean to you?

It allows me to hopefully facilitate an athlete’s ability to meet their desired result at the grassroots level. I know first hand how hard it can be without support, but also how beneficial it can be with some. My goal is to make a profoundly positive impact on an individual or team and work with them to not only meet, but exceed their goals.

What is your philosophy around injury management?

Generally speaking your aim is to protect and strengthen the area and limit deconditioning as much as possible whilst always maintaining fundamental day to day function as you build back up to pre-injury capacity. I try to instill in people not only the skills and knowledge to optimise their recovery, but to prevent further injury and ultimately make them a better athlete then they were before.

What is your proudest sporting moment as a player? 

Achieving a top 10 placing at the 2017 IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships held in California, USA. I was incredibly proud to represent my club and country on the world stage, and to get a reasonable result was fantastic.

What is your worst injury and how did you overcome it?

Rupturing my ACL and MCL during school soccer at lunchtime in 2006 – it completely changed my life. I overcame it by finding a community that supported me, and by choosing a career that taught me the importance of goal setting and sound rehabilitation principals.

Who is your sporting hero and what do you admire most about them?

I have had various over the years for different sports but what always attracted me to them was that they were never naturally talented athletes – they were all hard workers who became elite in their given field.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Indefinitely hold my breath and dive down into the depths of the ocean to go exploring (I can’t scuba because of asthma!)….So Aquaman?


To make an appointment with Daniel call Edithvale Physiotherapy Clinic on 9772 3322 or Langwarrin Sports Medicine Centre on 9789 1233.