Soccer Player Injury

As part of Eramosa Physiotherapy’s recent alliance with the Somerville Eagles Soccer Club, we are pleased to introduce our “Soccer Injury Prevention Series”.

In a series of articles, Physiotherapist and Director Clinton Watson, will be discussing soccer injuries and injury prevention for soccer players.


In this first article, Clinton outlines the types of injuries and frequency that we know exist in soccer players.

Soccer injuries are the second most common sporting injury presenting to hospital emergency, accounting for 8% of all cases (behind AFL with 9%). Soccer injuries occur at a rate of 35 per 1000 hours or broken down you would expect a significant injury with in a team every 2nd game played.

More injuries occur during games than training and 35% of injuries are as a result of foul play, with acute injuries accounting for 70% of injuries. One point to note (and hopefully a point that good physio can help with) is that 17% of injuries were classified as a recurrence. Muscle strains account for 25 % and ligament strains for 23% with the most common injury being, not surprisingly, lateral ankle sprain.

Concussion accounts for 7% of all hospital presentations, though rates are dropping as water proofing qualities of balls continues to improve. Concussion is often caused by heading the ball, older balls especially leather ones became waterlogged therefore much heavier, increasing the chance of concussion.

The following factors increase your risk of being injury:

  1. Age
  2. Previous injury
  3. Poor football skills
  4. Poor injury rehabilitation
  5. Lack of attention to warm up
  6. Poor or limited skills
  7. Joint instability


So this gives an idea of what we are looking at. Next, we shall address more closely how to reduce the likelihood of injury.

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