Realtime Ultrasound



Our physiotherapists use real-time ultrasound to examine the size, function, timing and contraction endurance of the small stabilizing muscles of the spine.

Real-time ultrasounds are recommended for a wide range of individuals including:

  • Those suffering from low back pain – acute, chronic or reccurent
  • Those suffering from sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain or pelvic instability
  • Pre and post spinal surgery
  • Post partum or pre-natal mothers, with low back pain, pelvic or rib pain
  • Those who require a high level of core stability
  • Injured workers returned to normal duties
  • Athletes


What is involved?

It is important to note that real-time ultrasound is safe, effective, non invasive and pain free.

A small ultrasound head is placed on various muscles and the images are viewed on a screen. Our physiotherapist will measure the function hold time and overall contraction sequences between your muscles. This is performed in different positions and is customized for each individual.

For best results your bladder should feel moderately full to ensure that your bladder, and therefore your pelvic floor are easily visible. It is imperative that you inform the physiotherapist if you experience any postural pain during testing as this can inhibit muscle activity.


What happens next?

Once your specific problem areas are identified, coupled with other objective and functional measurements, your physiotherapist will then develop the most appropriate exercise program for you. This may include home exercises, hands on treatment, functional restoration, work hardening or a Pilates program.

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