Peninsula Sports Medicine Group offers Pilates classes taught by qualified professionals.

It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant, mature aged, injured, recovering from illness or just wish to improve your sports performance. All of our programs are tailored to suit you and your body.

All of our sessions are designed to enhance your wellbeing with regular participation in improving your posture and muscular balance significantly. Our sessions use a combination of specialised Pilates equipment including reformers and trapeze tables complemented by floor-based exercises depending on your needs. This allows better targeting and resistance as your progress in your program.


Upon beginning Pilates, you will be required to have 1-2 individual sessions with your Pilates Practitioner. During these sessions, your practitioner will discuss your goals, postural status, strengths/weaknesses and provide you with the basic understanding of the Pilates method and how it benefits for you.

Once you have progressed far enough, you are more than welcome to join our sessions where you will further develop your own personal program.


Peninsula Pilates Studios provide a range of Pilates exercise classes and programs, including personalised Pilates instruction, small group classes, and mat/reformer classes. Please see our pilates timetable section to see the different classes available at each location.


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