LIPUS is a cutting edge treatment modality used for the treatment of fractures, stress fractures and ligament injuries.

Scientifically proven, its benefits include faster fracture, ligament and stress fracture healing times in addition to decreased rates of failed healing. This means an earlier return to work or the playing field with clinical trials showing a 30-30% decrease in fracture healing times. This translates to an average of two weeks off the normal healing time.

If your Physiotherapist determines that LIPUS will benefit your rehabilitation, they will guide you in instruction. The treatment regime involves application for 20 minutes, five days a week, for a total of four weeks.

Please note that LIPUS is only one facet of your treatment. Predisposing biomechanical abnormalities and training errors will also be identified and corrected whilst thorough strengthening, stretching and a return to sport programs will be provided as appropriate.

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