At Peninsula Sports Medicine Group, we have partnered with Rohan Gazzard, Clinical Hypnotherapist. Rohan has practiced personal hypnotherapy in Australia for many years with outstanding success.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of altered awareness where the subconscious mind becomes accessible for the implantation of suggestions. It is recognized as the smartest, easiest and most effective method to alter the mindset of the subconscious mind. Hypnosis only functions when the person is awake, despite the contrary belief that they are in a deep sleep.

The Hypnotherapy process

In the hypnotic state, the doorway between the conscious and the subconscious mind is opened. Memories become accessible and new information can be stored. In the ‘hypnotic state’, you are not really ‘thinking’ in the traditional sense. You are experiencing without critical judgment or analysis, such as when you read an interesting book, watch a movie or drive a car. When you are focused, Rohan can make suggestions that ‘stick’, precisely because your conscious mind is not getting in the way. You are not ‘judging’ or being ‘critical’ of the suggestions.

A suggestion given to the subconscious mind and accepted as true will be converted to an autosuggestion and stored in the subconscious. That which is held as a ‘belief’ in the subconscious mind will be outwardly manifested in the conscious world and circumstances of life.

There are three steps to the Hypnotherapy process:

1. Recognition of ownership of ‘the problem’.

Clients are encouraged to realize that they are in control of their responses and they can choose to continue in a negative pattern or re-arrange their outlook and mindset to enhance their frame of mind and quality of life.

2. Analysis of the cause of ‘the problem’
This can be performed in a number of ways dependent on each client’s personality and history. Allowing a patient to fully understand the reason for the development of the belief that is governing their behavior is a powerful way of facilitating change of that behavior. The belief does not need to be logical or relevant; it only needs to be ‘believed’ by the person. Once there is an understanding, decisions can be made about what changes, if any, are to be made to that belief system to facilitate change of behavior.

3. Recognition of the changes necessary to solve ‘the problem’
The subconscious mind not only holds all the information required to understand the basis of the problem, but often also knows how best to solve the problem for that person.

Uses for Clinical Hypnotherapy

Anyone suffering from an emotional or physical disorder can benefit from Hypnotherapy. The most common uses for Hypnotherapy include:

Habit control and additions:
Eating & weight loss
Nail biting
Bed wetting

Anxiety/stress relief:
Panic attacks
Sports motivation
Pain control
Sleep disorders
Anger management
Relaxation therapy
Conflict resolution
Obsessive compulsive disorder

Self confidence:
Self esteem
Self respect
Self belief
Self control

You can book an appointment with Rohan at our Langwarrin Branch

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