Have you ever had a really good massage where you’ve left feeling taller and lighter? Being cooped up indoors during winter can make your body feel tight and sore. In addition to feeling great, having a massage can provide a number of other health benefits.


In fact, research has shown that massage can be helpful in the following situations:

1.  After a workout: massage has been shown to soothe muscles after vigorous exercise.

2. After work: if you’re feeling tired after a long week at the office, massage may help relieve stress and desk-related strains and pains.

3.  For anxiety: before reaching for a chocolate bar when you’re feeling tense, consider a massage. A University of Miami study found that women who had massage therapy for five weeks had more energy and felt less depressed.

4. For pregnancy: there are many physical benefits for mother and baby when receiving massages during pregnancy. From the minimisation of stretch marks and splitting of the abdominals, to improved lymphatic drainage decreasing carpal tunnel syndrome – massage does more than just helping with a sore back and fatigued muscles!

5. After injury: by encouraging circulatory movement and relaxing muscles, massage improves blood flow and can provide the opportunity for a faster recovery.

6. For headaches and migraines: numerous studies have praised massage for its migraine-busting benefits. It’s also ideal for people who suffer from tension headaches, particularly when attention is paid to the neck and shoulders.

These benefits aside, perhaps the best reason to get a massage is that it feels fabulous!

At Langwarrin Sports Medicine Centre, we house an excellent team of massage therapists. They are experts in their fields with successes in the well known practice of soft tissue manipulation to relax muscles, improve circulation and decrease stress whilst improving flexibility and alleviating pain.

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