enPointe Physiotherapy

Starting en pointe in ballet is an exciting milestone for dancers, but it is increasingly important to remember how it can affect young people’s bodies.

The human body was not made to functionally put our entire body weight through our toes.

Although Pointe is a stunning art form when done well, it can lead to many painful issues later on in life.

This is why proper preparation and training is essential before even starting en pointe.

As well as attending normal ballet classes, it is important for teenagers to be assessed by a qualified health professional in order to deem whether they are physically ready to begin Pointe training.

Many aspects determine whether someone is ready for such as physically demanding task such as:

  • hip control
  • core strength
  • flexibility


Recently, most ballet schools require students to attend a minimum of three physiotherapy sessions in order to begin Pointe training.

An initial Pre Pointe Assessment allows a physiotherapist to spend time with each dancer to thoroughly assess stability and prescribe a specific exercise program to enable them to start en pointe.

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