ban on elective surgery

With the recent halt to elective orthopaedic surgery in Victoria, wait times for non-emergency
surgeries are now estimated to be close to 18-months. This again places individuals at high
risk of further functional decline and can lead to poorer post-surgical outcomes.

With particular reference to total hip, knee and shoulder replacements, recent research into
the management of osteoarthritis has shown significant benefits of a 12-week
physiotherapist guided exercise program. Research indicates a 36% reduction in pain and
25% improvement in joint-related quality of life in individuals after the completion of a regular
exercise program (Skou & Roos, 2017).

For individuals on waiting lists for total knee replacement, evidence suggests that 66% of
people are able to delay surgery by two years following the completion of a 12-week
physiotherapist guided exercise program (Skou, et al, 2018).

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in exercise prescription and can provide patients with
maintenance programs and education surrounding their conditions, with the goal of
preventing further deterioration and improving functional capacity.

If you feel you would benefit from in rooms or telehealth physiotherapy during this time, we are open
and do not charge a gap for patients on Chronic Disease Management plans.

Written by; Alex Balnaves

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