Again Today I am disappointed to read an article on a popular website describing lateral elbow pain (tennis elbow) as a “tendinitis” and then describing the inflammatory process and the treatment based on treating the inflammation.

Tendinitis means “inflamed tendon” however there is significant research over the last couple of decades showing there is no inflammation present with most tendon pathologies. This is vital when looking at cause of the pathology and treatment.

Ice, rest and anti-inflammatory medication will not get you back to training but it may make you feel better while not training. Complete rest de-loads the tendon and reduces it ability to tolerate load, so when you start exercising again you maybe worse as you haven’t treated the problem.

Tendons generally become painful after a change in “load” particularly speed of movement. More Olympic lifts rather than squats, high repetition exercises, walking or running stairs when you are not use to these activities. Load can also be increased due to poor technique.

Treatment needs to be aimed at technique modification if needed and load reduction to tolerable level to reduce pain response. Then gradually increase load back to those recurred by the individual for there activity levels. — atWOD Health.