Did you know that a tight muscle could effect how your arms move in your golf swing which can alter your swing and then cause you back pain?

Flinn Shiel at Elsternwick Physiotherapy Centre & Langwarrin Sports Medicine Centre is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) accredited physiotherapist and will be able to assess you and ensure that the game you love is not going to cause you pain, so that you can play better golf for longer.

About TPI

The TPI is the world’s leading educational organisation dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

Since its inception in 2003, TPI has studied over 60 000 golfers ranging from to professional Tour players to weekend enthusiasts, assessing how the body and the golf swing relate, otherwise known as the Body-Swing Connection™.  In order to create the best body swing connection TPI have identified 12 major swing characteristics and developed a physical screen.

The 12 Major Swing Characteristics

These 12 characteristics are the most common swing characteristics that can lead to mechanical inefficiencies in your golf swing. They can occur at setup, during the backswing, during the downswing or even after hitting the golf ball. These mechanical inefficiencies cause issues like a loss of power, decreased swing speed and inconsistent ball striking and put you at greater risk for injury.

The Physical Screen

The physical screen (which is the same for you as it is for players up to and including PGA and LPGA and European Tour players) enables identification of any physical limitations that may be causing YOUR swing inefficiencies. It is simple and requires no equipment on your part and is invaluable regardless of your age, current fitness level or golf handicap.

Check out professional golfers Adam Scott and Charley Hoffman training or doing the physical screen.

The TPI Accredited Professional

Using the results of the physical screen and identifying any major swing characteristics allows for the development of an individual plan to enable you to play better golf for longer. Things like a lack of flexibility (which causes the body to not turn fully, leading to poor biomechanics and potential injury) are identified and can be treated by a TPI accredited professional.

To make an appointment with Flinn, please call Elsternwick Physiotherapy Centre on 9528 2881 or Langwarrin Sports Medicine Centre on 9789 1233 or you can BOOK ONLINE.


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