The Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Exercise Physiologists at Langwarrin Sports Medicine Centre have been busy “screening” the Frankston Netball Junior Representative Squads over the past few weeks.

75 girls have undergone a myriad of musculoskeletal and biometric tests to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses leading up to the 2015 season opening.

Some of the areas assessed included:
Lumbar spine: Posture, confirmation, range and quality of movement
Calfs: Measuring calf strength via single leg calf raises
Legs: Maintaining correct alignment through the ankle, knee, hip and pelvis when hop landing
Posture: General pelvic/spinal position and symmetry with any signs of scolosis/kyphosis
Movement: Running assessment looking for problems in gait

Sports Physiotherapist Lachlan Goodison commented that “From such screenings, individual deficiencies are identified and targeted to pro actively identify injury risk and mitigate it through specific exercise prescription. It was a process that the girls really enjoyed and it gave parents a great insight into where and how their daughters needed to improve”.

The joint initiative between Frankston Netball and Peninsula Sports Medicine Group will be repeated each year going forward before season openings.