Frankston Blues NBL Women’s captain Steph Reid went down early in the third quarter last weekend rolling her right ankle after stepping on an opposition player’s foot. This is the most common mechanism of an ankle injury that basketball players present to Physio with.  If you play basketball long enough this will happen to you at some stage!

Initially, it was feared that Steph had sustained a potentially season-ending injury. Precautionary x-rays confirmed no bony fracture and team Physiotherapist Alex Balnaves commenced treating Steph for a grade 2 sprain of her lateral ankle anterior talofibular ligament.  95% of all lateral ankle sprains are to this ligament.

Injuries of this nature would usually keep a player out of competitive sport for 4-6 weeks, with regular physiotherapist guided strength and proprioceptive rehabilitation over this time. Research from the AIS indicates that the completion of daily proprioceptive exercises for six months following injury strongly correlates to a reduction in re-injury rates.

Steph will complete ongoing rehabilitation over the coming weeks, under the guidance of the team physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coaches. She will have her ankle taped for training and games for a minimum of six weeks.

Steph has been diligent with her recovery and has passed rigorous functional testing during her regular sessions under Alex’s guidance. As a result of her post-injury RICE management, and ongoing dedication to recovery Steph, will train fully Thursday night and complete further fitness testing on Friday.

Alex Balnaves (Frankston Blues Women’s Physio) – Peninsula Sports Medicine Group

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