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Written by SPORTS PODIATRIST Paul Karak and Matthew Gamble @ Core Podiatry Group


FOOTBALL 2020 has seen some big changes in weight, stiffness and ultimately performance of the football boot. Choosing a boot this year gets trickier, but with help from Core Podiatry Group located in southeast Victoria and the Mornington Peninsula, we can help you select the right boot for your needs – ultimately preventing injuries that may have developed due to poor boot selection.

Below is a summary of some of our favourite football boots for 2020. This summary will provide you with a basic insight into footwear technology and models currently available.

 Asics Gel Lethal Ultimate FF  

 14.0 -4 mm  flytfoa

Size 5-12, 13,14,15

RRP-$ 220.00

265 grams

The Gel Lethal Ultimate made of kangaroo leather is a very well positioned shoe to protect the footballer from many impact related injuries due to its full length 10 mm pitched cushioned Flytefoam Midsole. It’s Solyte Outsole has great torsional stiffness and a good traction. It has great forefoot cushioning – something that no other brand of football boot has and is super light. It can fit an orthotic well with a deep heel counter and is our recommendation for the athlete returning from injury or with a long history of lower limb injuries, or playing on hard turf surfaces.



Asics Tigroer IT  (FF / ST)

 7.0 –0 mm flytfoam drop

Sizes 5-12,13,14,15,16,17


The Tigreor positions itself well as a more performance based football boot weighing 250 grams, but with still some protective cushioning and a 10mm pitched flytefoam heel. It too has a deep heel counter to fit an orthoses and a firm /stiff last to protect the joints of the feet when running and changing direction.  The upper is made of kangaroo leather too making it an extremely comfortable shoe. A real favourite of ours.. RF 12mm stud from ground


Ultrezza (AG available)

5.0 – 0 mm Solyte drop

Sizes 6-12, 13,14,15

RRP $ 290.00 / 200.00 AG

250 grams

The Ultrezza is a great boot for that footballer that wants a light weight boot with a slight pitch.. It accommodates an orthoses well with its deep firm heel counter and has a kangaroo leather upper for extreme comfort. Its rear foot cushioning makes it an extremely comfortable football boot too. Its outsole plate has excellent torsion stiffness and is very responsive. Moulds well to the foot. Available in AG too (artificial ground)


Asics Menace

0mm Solyte drop

 Size : 7-12,13,14

RRP $ 239.99

215 grams

 The DS Light is a very lightweight and responsive boot with a synthetic upper withstanding extreme weather conditions. It is for the traditionalist with a zero grade midsole platform (no pitch) which separates it from all the other  Asics boots and with its external heel counter it is great for accommodating Haglunds of the heel. Not suitable for athletes with achilles or calf problems.



Adidas Kakari SG /FG

Size :7- 13

RRP $ 129.99

The adidas Kakari is more of a Rugby boot with its tradional 6 stud configuration at the forefoot and deep aluminium studs. Its upper is synthetic but fits well with well positioned stitch lines for flexion. It has a stiff midole and good flex at forefoot. It’s heel counter is firm and deep to accommodate an orthotic. Again, it’s a zero grade platform.


Copa Gloro 20.2

Size: 7-13

RRP $ 149.99

Constructed with a premium xray leather vamp upper, the copa has a comfortable sock like fit and lacing system that wraps the foot for a snug, supportive fit.  The Copa is available in three colour ways.   It has a wider fit toe box and features a TPU outsole for a light (230g) yet very stiff responsive feel.  It has a zero drop platform like all adidas boots and would suit an

Puma Future 5.3 NETFIT FG

Size: 6-11,12

RRP $ 119.99

Puma’s Future 5.3 is a great middle line football boot.   It has a firm, deep heel counter to accommodate an orthoses, and has torsional stiffness through its midsole to protect the foot when changing directions. Its netfit synthetic upper appears inflexible so ensure the fit is right. It has improved its texture on the upper to reduce slippage when kicking in the wet, a great update from the 2019 Future. It is very lightweight and responsive and it has maintained  its hybrid stud configuration that makes it suit most ground surfaces. It has a zero-drop platform like the Adidas range and is available in AG (artificial ground) stud configuration


 Nike Phantom Venom Academy

Size: 4-13

RRP $ 119.99

Nike Phantom is a well priced football boot  The Nike Phantom Venom Academy FG is engineered for powerful, precise strikes and is a well priced performance boot for a forward or attacking midfielder. Ridges on the instep create spin to control the flight of the ball, while the firm-ground plate provides great torsional stiffness. It can fit a rigid orthoses well however with a foam orthoses the depth and width may be insufficient.


Asics Lethal Testimonial 4 IT

10.0 – 0 mm Solyte drop

Size: 6-12,13,14

RRP $270.00

Asics Testimonial is a great all round boot.. It can accommodate an orthoses (although narrow through the arch of the boot) and is a lightweight boot coming in at 235 grams. It measures 12mm from the ground at the rear and has a solyte midsole for cushioning. Its upper is soft and conforming made of kangaroo leather. It is available in 4 colours.


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