using foam rollers before and after a game

Alanna Hickey & Jessica Smith, Rosebud’s Physiotherapists, explain the benefits of foam rolling and give us some guidance on how to use the foam rollers.

Foam Rolling

What does foam rolling do?

Foam rolling works by placing direct and sweeping pressure on the soft tissue targeted. Foam rolling has shown to have short term benefits that result in increased joint range of movement, reductions in pain and severity of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) (Cheatham, Kolber, Cain & Lee, 2015). Foam rolling has been shown to be particularly effective in the first 1-2 days following exercise (Pearcey, et. Al. 2015).

It is theorized that foam rolling helps to produce the above results by causing short term alterations to the neuromuscular system. However, the exact physiological mechanisms of foam rolling that cause the above results are yet to be clearly established (Cheatham, et al. 2015).

How to effectively foam roll?

Depending on the muscle group you are targeting, use the foam roller in a sweeping fashion along the length of the muscle. You can also friction over ‘problem’ or ‘tight’ areas. You may use a foam roller, spikey ball, trigger point ball or hand roller with this technique.

When to use foam rolling?

Foam rolling can be used before or after an event, for approximately 1-2 minutes per major muscle group (eg. hamstrings or quadriceps). Before an event, foam rolling should only play a small role in your active warm up. After an event foam rolling should be combined with an active cool down and then static stretching.

Still not sure what to do?

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Written by:

Alanna Hickey – Physiotherapist

Jessica Smith – Physiotherapist

Peninsula Sports Medicine Group- Rosebud

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