The Australian Physiotherapy Association recently commissioned the Nous Group to undertake a landmark analysis of the value of a range of physiotherapy interventions.

The report was launched by Olympic athlete, Physiotherapist and mum, Jessica Trengrove. Jess is passionate about the positive impact physiotherapy has on the wellbeing of communities and how important it is to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The study found that treatments by physiotherapists deliver both health and economic benefits. Interventions are clinically effective and deliver net economic benefits, with quality of life improvements exceeding treatment costs.

The report is a comprehensive study of 11 of the most common conditions that millions of Australians live with and how Physiotherapy benefits both financial and health outcomes related to these conditions.

If the health system used more physio-based options instead of other more costly solutions (like surgery), for these conditions both the public cost savings and positive impact on patients would be significant.

You can read the summary report here.