Stretching each day is a really great habit to get into. Regular stretching helps lengthen your muscles and increases joint mobility, making daily activities easier. Everyone can learn to stretch and it doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of time!

Physiotherapist, Daniel Browne, recommends adding these stretches into your bag of tricks.



Do each stretch below twice,

holding for 30 seconds each time.

Try and complete this routine twice each day.


Calf stretch – decrease your risk of foot, ankle and knee pain by maintaining good length through your calf surrounding tissues.




Thoracic rotation ‘open book’ stretch – good thoracic mobility leads to better shoulder, neck and lumbar mobility




Scapula retraction – important prior to all weight lifting movements – create a rock solid foundation to lift from and you can’t go wrong



Hip flexor stretch – important for decreasing tightness through the front of the hip, groin and thigh as well as allowing smoother movement through the pelvis which will decrease the incidence of back pain particularly in professionals that have a high sedentary load.


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